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This year join school leaders like you who will participate in the Shadow a Student Challenge! Our goal is for even more of you to put on sneakers, learn about your students’ needs, and take action. Be sure to sign up today to connect with other Shadowers and be part of a collective movement of educators making positive change in their schools.

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The Shadow a Student Challenge is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and take new kinds of action at their school. Our free toolkit supports you through all four steps: Prep, Shadow, Reflect and Act.


Educators and researchers have long known that shadowing can lead to powerful observations and insights to drive change. The Shadow a Student Challenge provides methods and a network to help school leaders achieve Deeper Learning for all students.


The challenge is open to all school leaders - at any school, anywhere in the world!

How Shadow Transformed One Principal's Practice [PBS Feature]

Karen Ritter, an assistant principal at a high school just outside of Chicago, wanted to see her school through a student’s eyes. So she decided to follow 9th grader Alan Garcia, who came to her asking to be switched out of the many remedial classes in which he is enrolled, hoping to get a clear view of his experience in the classroom. 

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R. Jofee' Tremain


O.A. Peterson Elementary
Fort Worth, TX

Participating in this process allowed me to have authentic data to support the needs of our campus from the perspective of a student.

Eric Juli


Design Lab Early College High School
Cleveland, OH

I walked away feeling good about the progress we had made as school. It has opened my eyes to many possibilities.

Sean Gaillard


John F. Kennedy High School
Winston-Salem, NC

We take for granted what our kids know and feel. I was surprised at how little time we give them to reflect and create.


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